We Offer More than Cars and Motorhomes, We Offer Motorcycles Too!

At BBC Motorsports want our customers to know that we offer a wide variety of motor vehicles. We don’t just offer cars, we offer motorcycles as well.

If you want to buy a car, you go to car dealership. If you need to buy motorhome, you go to a motorhome dealership. And of course, if you need to buy a motorcycle, you go to a motorcycle dealership. Did you know you can get all three options at BBC Motorsports?

Of the many vehicles available, we don’t limit ourselves to what we can offer to our customers. If it has wheels, we can offer to you. We have offered 1960s classic vehicles, and we have offered 1990 motorhomes to customers. BBC Motorsports is sharing with its customers that it is also offering motorcycles.

Right now there’s a 2000 Harley Davidson FXSTD Deuce available for as low as $7,900. What’s more is the motorcycle only has 7,944 miles on the engine.

2000 harley davidson

BBC Motorsports even offers motorcycles like this 2000 Harley Davidson!

So whether you are looking for a car, a motorcycle, or a motorhome, BBC Motorsports in Dallas, Texas offers customers near and far multiple options and each.

Make sure to visit us today to take advantage of the many options we have because who knows how long they’ll be here!


Whatever You Need, One of Our Team Members Can Help!

Our team members at BBC Motorsports in Dallas, Texas are looking forward to helping you once you visit.

Alexandra Burr a representative at bbc motorsports

Meet Alexandra Burr! She is a BBC Motorsports representative ready to serve you!

You may visit other dealerships and find they have a couple of departments such as sales and service to take care of your needs with a very separated layout of departments. The problem with that may be that you have to wait for someone in one of those departments to help you in an area they may not even be trained in or you have to wait longer as they go find someone who is.

Not at BBC Motorsports.

We have team that works together as one “department” to help you with whatever you may need, If you have questions about sales, we will get you a sales representative. If you have concerns about parts you need, we have someone to answer your questions too!

Every one of our team members can help you with your questions about our high quality pre-owned inventory. They are all very knowledgeable and will make you feel right at home!

Visit us online to learn more about our team members or stop by to see what they can help you with.



Customers Love BBC Motorsports!

BBC Motorsports has been serving customers for years and the many customer testimonials prove how great the dealership is every day. 

customer testimonials at bbc motorsports

Read customer testimonials at BBC Motorsports!

Customers may often choose a dealership based on the experience of their friends or their family members, and BBC Motorsports isn’t worried. We know how well we treat our customers, and it shows through the many customer testimonials that we share with anyone who visits our website.

We treat our customers in Dallas, TX and beyond with the best experience we possibly can. If you are visiting our sales department, we strive to satisfy 100 percent. Our customers will feel respected from the moment they walk onto our lot until they leave—whether you buy something from us or not.

At BBC Motorsports, we know how important it is to trust the dealership you buy from, and so we work hard every day to deliver on exceptional services.

Our sales associates are knowledgeable and courteous.
Our service technicians are factory-trained and professional.

We know that you will visit our dealership again and again because we know we offer the best. Visit us for yourself to see what makes us different from other dealerships!

Never Fear Our Sales Associates are Here!

At BBC Motorsports, the dealership is dedicated to the shopping experience of the customer, which is why we offer you an exceptional team.

exceptional team

BBC Motorsports offers an exceptional team to its customers.

When you are shopping for a vehicle, not only is the dealership important but so is the experience that you have. No customer wants to walk into a dealership and be unhappy with the sales associate that they work with. At BBC Motorsports this will never be a problem as our sales associates are very mindful of you and your experiences.

We will treat you with respect and not push you to make a decision but simply inform you of information that you need. There is no hassle or haggle that you will have to deal with when it comes to our sales associates.

We will do our best to treat you like family so you can come to our dealership with as many questions as possible and walk out of here knowing what you want to know or drive out of here in your newest pre-owned vehicle.

Polite, knowledgeable, confident. These are the types of sales associates that you will enjoy at BBC Motorsports in Dallas, Texas.

Visit us today and see why our sales associates make all the difference for your shopping experience!

We Always Offer You the Largest Inventories, Come and See!

2010 Toyota 4Runner

High quality, pre-owned Toyota models available like this 2010 Toyota 4Runner.

At BBC motorsports, customers like you will be able to find some of the largest inventories available in the Dallas, Texas area.

Customers have no reason to go anywhere else in Dallas, Texas once they see the available vehicles that we currently have in our inventories. We make sure to replenish our inventory as often as possible so that our customers constantly have a large selection to choose from.

Even if customers are not aware of what we have to offer, they can always go online and search our high quality, pre-owned inventory before they even step foot in our dealership. This also helps those customers who are very busy and need more time to search for a few hours before they have to visit.

We don’t just carry vehicles for the family, or vehicle for the individual such as a fuel-efficient Toyota, but we also offer luxury vehicles for customers who are interested.

Our dealership is here to help you find the right vehicle, and our sales associates are here to answer any questions that you may have on any of our available inventory.

Stop in today and see what we have to offer!


We Have Answers to Your “Frequently Asked Questions”

BBC Motorsports takes pride in being able to answer every question a customer has about the vehicles the dealership carries.

frequently asked questions at bbc motorsports

BBC Motorsports offers answers to frequently asked questions.

So you have decided that you want to buy a car? That’s great! And the better news is that you are coming to our dealership in Dallas, Texas? Even better!

What can we do for you? We have a large inventory. We can save you hundreds. And, we can even answer all of your questions.

We understand that customers have lots of questions, and we think that it’s very important to be able to answer every single one of them. The answers to your questions are what help you make a final decision on the model you want to ultimately take home with you, so we know how important it is to be completely informed.

Our sales associates are always training and learning more about the cars we carry, so they can answer everything you can ask. We even have addeda section on our website that offers you answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” so save you time on the phone or when you visit our dealership.

BBC Motorsports wants you to feel secure in your purchase and works hard to make sure you get the answers you need.

Visit us today to ask yours or call us at 214-905-6100! We look forward to hearing from you.



Looking to Finance Your Vehicle? Good, Our Staff can Help!

BBC Motorsports available Monday through Saturday for customer convenience.

As a customer in Dallas, Texas, you may be looking to finance your next vehicle, and BBC Motorsports are ready to help you find the best options available for you and your credit and budget.

We are happy to say that we have plenty of options to help you get into the high quality, pre-owned vehicle you looking to take home.

Check out our pre-owned inventory online. We want to help you get into the right vehicle for you and your budget.

We are looking to help all of our customers. Whether good credit, bad credit or no credit at all, we are here to give you options.

Easy part is all you need to do is call one of our finance managers at 214-905-6100 or simply stop by and visit us to see what we can do for you.

Our hours are… Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and we are closed on Sunday.

hours of operation

BBC Motorsports is open from Monday through Saturday.

If you have questions about certain models that we have available, then you can visit BBC Motorsports online and fill out a simple form with the vehicle’s information as well as your contact information and someone will get back to you quickly.


We look forward to seeing you or hearing from you!

Looking for 2014 Vehicles? We Have Those Too!

BBC Motorsports is excited to offer many different makes and models at a dealership of high-quality vehicles, and we are happy to say we even offer 2014 vehicles!

2014 chevrolet traverse

We carry 2014 vehicles too! Just like this 2014 BBC Motorsports.

You may not expect many pre-owned superstores to carry the latest models at their dealership, but at BBC Motorsports, we are excited to tell you that we do have 2014 vehicles available.

One of these vehicles is a 2014 Chevrolet Traverse LT, which is available for as low as $29,900 with only 13,781 miles on the engine. This Traverse is a 3.6L SIDI V6 engine and comes in a White Diamond Tricoat for the exterior.

Interested in learning more?

This 2014 Chevrolet Traverse offers a third row with a manual 60/40 split-folding bench as well as a remote keyless entry and a remote vehicle starter with an extended range remote. Other benefits include an acoustical package with better insulation than other models of Traverse, Bluetooth connectivity as well as rear park assist.

This is only one of the 2014 vehicles that are available at BBC Motorsports, and we are excited to be able to offer you such a tremendous vehicle in a new model year.

Visit us soon to see what other 2014 models we have!

Large Inventory? We Have One!

BBC Motorsports offers its large inventory of high-quality, pre-owned vehicles to its customers looking for value in Dallas, Texas.

large inventory at bbc motorsports

Come browse the large inventory of pre-owned vehicles available at BBC Motorsports.

It may be difficult to find the vehicle that you want if you visit a dealership that does not have a large inventory to choose from. This is not the case with BBC Motorsports. Our dealership goes out of its way to make sure that we always have a large inventory of vehicles for you to browse.

All of the pre-owned vehicles available at our dealership have been hand chosen as well as rigorously tested to ensure the quality is good enough to offer to our customers. We are constantly replenishing our inventory not just for the fact that our vehicles leave our lot rather quickly, but also because we want to make sure that our customers have plenty to choose from.

From vehicles such as a 1997 Motorhome to a classic like a 1963 Austin Healey to a newer vehicle like a 2012 Audi S5, we have everything.

Our dealership takes pride in giving our customers options, so when you visit our dealership you will see why having dozens of vehicles, and the many different body style such sedans or trucks, will be sure to satisfy.

Visit us today to see what kind of impact a large inventory to choose from really has on your shopping experience.

Did You Know We Finance for as Low as 1.9%?

BBC Motorsports wants its customers to know that if they are looking to finance a vehicle to add to their lineup that BBC Motorsports finances for as low as 1.9%.

buy a car with low financing

Ready to get into the car you want for a low APR as low as 1.9%?

BBC Motorsports does what it can to get its customers into the vehicle that they want. Sometimes that means lower prices. Sometimes that means bigger selections, and other times it means lower options on financing, pricing and rates.

You may visit our dealership and find out exactly what you can qualify for, but did you know that we offer financing with APRs as low as 1.9%?

If you didn’t, you know now!

We make it so customers don’t have to feel that they are leaving their wallets with us and then driving away in the vehicle that they want. With low options like a 1.9% special financing offer that is available to all customers who qualify at all times, we know that we are helping you find the best vehicle for your needs.

If you have any questions about whether or not you qualify for this, you may visit us at our dealership in Dallas, Texas to apply, or visit us online to apply and be able to find out your financing options before you visit our dealership.

We hope to see you soon!